Service of minor debt applications

This service information applies only to minor debt applications.

How long do I have to serve the documents?

You must give (serve) the stamped application to the respondent within 90 days of lodging the application.

How do I serve the documents?

When you lodge an application, QCAT will return copies of your application and/or documents stamped with the QCAT seal (official stamp).

For minor debt applications you must then personally deliver (serve) a copy of the stamped documents to the other person or business. For detailed service requirements please refer to QCAT Practice Direction 2009/8 Service of documents (PDF, 147.1 KB) (PDF, 147.1 KB).

You can pay a fee to have the documents professionally served by a Magistrates Court bailiff, commercial agent or process server.

Different requirements may apply if you are serving a company. A copy of the corporations search by ASIC may be required.

Proof of service

To prove a QCAT application has been served the applicant must complete an affidavit of service (PDF, 296.3 KB) (PDF, 520.4 KB) and provide to QCAT.

If a response is received

The respondent can lodge a response to the minor debt application within 28 days of receiving the application.

If a response is lodged and the amount claimed is less than $3000, in most cases the matter is listed for a hearing and QCAT will provide a notice of hearing to the parties.

If a response is lodged and the amount claimed is over $1500, in most cases the matter is listed for mediation, and QCAT will provide the parties with a notice of mediation. Mediation allows parties to negotiate and resolve the dispute before a matter is listed for hearing.

If no response is received

If the respondent does not lodge a response within the appropriate timeframe then the applicant may apply to the tribunal for a decision by default.