QCAT is an independent tribunal that resolves disputes in a manner that is accessible, quick and inexpensive.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) is an independent, accessible tribunal that efficiently resolves disputes on a range of matters.

The tribunal’s purpose is to provide a quick, inexpensive avenue to resolve disputes between parties and make decisions.

Our vision

Fair and just outcomes

Our mission

To actively resolve disputes in a way that is fair, just, accessible, quick and inexpensive.

What we do

We resolve disputes and make and review decisions about

QCAT commenced on 1 December 2009, the result of combining 18 tribunals and 23 jurisdictions into one tribunal.

Organisational structure

QCAT is part of the Courts and Tribunals division within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. The Minister responsible for QCAT is the Honourable Yvette D'Ath, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence.

The QCAT President and Deputy President lead the tribunal that includes members, adjudicators and the registry.

The registry manages the tribunal’s administration.

Our strategic plan

These four strategic plan priorities are the foundation for QCAT continuing to deliver fair and just outcomes. Annual key commitments underpin each priority:

  • A contemporary QCAT
  • Dealing with matters in a timely way
  • Accessible services and functions
  • Skilled, diverse and empowered people

To read more on QCAT's strategic objectives, download a copy of the QCAT Strategic Plan 2023-25.