Order a transcript or recording

How to order a transcript or audio recording of a QCAT hearing.

All QCAT hearings are digitally recorded in compliance with the Recording of Evidence Act 1962.

QCAT  and Queensland Courts are transitioning to a new recording and transcription service delivery model over the coming weeks.

In the new model, QTranscripts will be the new way for users to request and receive transcripts and audio. It will replace the current myAuscript portal.

All requests for transcripts or audio should continue to be made via the myAuscript portal or email clientservices@auscript.com.au or phone 1800 287 274 (8am - 6pm AEST) for matters being heard prior to any site or location transitioning to the new recording and transcription services model.

For further information, including rollout dates and locations, please refer to the recording and transcription page on the Queensland Courts website.

For information on how to request reasons for your decision, please visit our online portal. You can request reasons for a decision within 14 days of the decision.