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The tribunal may announce its decision at the final hearing. If it needs more time to consider a case, it may announce the decision later (this is called a reserved decision).

The decision will be outlined in a written copy of the QCAT order. This will summarise the decision made and the actions each party must do to resolve the matter. Sometimes the written decision will be given at the end of the hearing or provided to the parties at a later time.

What is a reserved decision?

QCAT Practice Direction 2013/4 (PDF, 121.9 KB) requires reserved decisions to be given within 90 days after the day on which it is reserved or within any extension of that period given by the President, Deputy President or Senior Member.

If a party is concerned about a delay in the delivery of a reserved decision, they may contact the QCAT President via email or post.

Reasons for a decision

Reasons can be given either at the hearing or at a later time. If the reasons are given verbally at the hearing, a party can apply to have a copy of the reasons given to them at no cost. The tribunal must provide a copy of the reasons within 45 days of the request for reasons.

The tribunal may give the person a written transcript or an audio recording of the part of the proceeding in which the reasons were given orally.

Where can I find QCAT decisions?

Decisions are published online by the Supreme Court of Queensland Library and by the Australasian Legal Information Institute.

Orders made under the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 are published in the tree order register.

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