QCAT will announce its decision either at the final hearing or at a later date if it needs more time to consider a case after the hearing has finished.

The tribunal may deliver its decision at the final hearing. If it needs more time to consider a case, it may deliver the decision later (this is called a reserved decision).

The tribunal may deliver its decision orally or in writing.

Reserved decision

The QCAT Reserved Decisions Policy (PDF, 167.6 KB) governs reserved decisions and how parties may enquire about the progress of a reserved decision.

As set out in the Policy, QCAT decision-makers endeavour to deliver decisions (with reasons) within three (3) months of each decision being reserved.

Reasons for a decision

If the tribunal delivers a decision (either orally or in writing) and does not also give written reasons, a party can request written reasons at no cost. The tribunal must provide a copy of the reasons within 45 days of the request.

If the tribunal gave its reasons orally, the tribunal may give the person a written transcript or an audio recording of the part of the proceeding in which the reasons were given.