Former tribunals

A list of former tribunals which were amalgamated into QCAT on 1 December 2009 and no longer exist.

The following tribunals were amalgamated into QCAT on 1 December 2009 and no longer exist:

  • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
  • Appeal tribunals formed under the Local Government Act
  • Children Services Tribunal
  • Commercial and Consumer Tribunal
  • Fire Panel of Referees
  • Fisheries Tribunal
  • Guardianship and Administrative Tribunal
  • Health Practitioners Tribunal
  • Independent Assessor under the Prostitution Act 1999
  • Legal Practice Tribunal
  • Misconduct Tribunal
  • Nursing Tribunal
  • Racing Appeal Tribunal
  • Retail Shop Leases Tribunal
  • Small Claims Tribunal
  • Surveyors Disciplinary Committee
  • Teachers Disciplinary Committee
  • Valuers Registration Committee
  • Veterinary Tribunal.

From December 1 2009, QCAT reviews a range of decisions which were previously reviewed by:

  • the Supreme Court
  • the District Court
  • the Magistrates Court
  • other statutory bodies including the Gaming Commission and Information Commissioner.

Fact sheets about the former tribunals

Anti-discrimination Tribunal (, )
Children Services Tribunal (, )
Guardianship and Administration Tribunal (, )
Health Practitioners Tribunal (, )
Legal Practice Tribunal (, )
Nursing Tribunal (, )Retail Shop Leases Tribunal (, )
Small Claims Tribunal and minor debt matters (, )
Teachers Disciplinary Committee (, )

Annual reports from the former tribunals

Children Services Tribunal Annual Report 2008-2009 (, )
Commercial and Consumer Tribunal Annual Report 2008-09 (, )

Jurisdictions not included in QCAT

A number of significant bodies that make civil or administrative decisions were not amalgamated into QCAT and are not within QCAT jurisdiction:

  • the Mental Health Review Tribunal and the Mental Health Court
  • bodies making decisions about development or planning and environment issues including the Planning and Environment Court, the Land Court and the Building and Development Tribunals
  • industrial dispute bodies including the Industrial Court, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and the review functions of the Public Service Commission.