Former tribunals

A list of former tribunals which were amalgamated into QCAT on 1 December 2009 and no longer exist.

The following tribunals were amalgamated into QCAT on 1 December 2009 and no longer exist:

  • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
  • Appeal tribunals formed under the Local Government Act
  • Children Services Tribunal
  • Commercial and Consumer Tribunal
  • Fire Panel of Referees
  • Fisheries Tribunal
  • Guardianship and Administrative Tribunal
  • Health Practitioners Tribunal
  • Independent Assessor under the Prostitution Act 1999
  • Legal Practice Tribunal
  • Misconduct Tribunal
  • Nursing Tribunal
  • Racing Appeal Tribunal
  • Retail Shop Leases Tribunal
  • Small Claims Tribunal
  • Surveyors Disciplinary Committee
  • Teachers Disciplinary Committee
  • Valuers Registration Committee
  • Veterinary Tribunal.

From December 1 2009, QCAT reviews a range of decisions which were previously reviewed by:

  • the Supreme Court
  • the District Court
  • the Magistrates Court
  • other statutory bodies including the Gaming Commission and Information Commissioner.

Fact sheets about the former tribunals

Anti-discrimination Tribunal (PDF File, 108.3 KB)
Children Services Tribunal (PDF File, 115.4 KB)
Guardianship and Administration Tribunal (PDF File, 115.7 KB)
Health Practitioners Tribunal (PDF File, 114.0 KB)
Legal Practice Tribunal (PDF File, 113.5 KB)
Nursing Tribunal (PDF File, 109.9 KB)
Retail Shop Leases Tribunal (PDF File, 107.9 KB)
Small Claims Tribunal and minor debt matters (PDF File, 110.7 KB)
Teachers Disciplinary Committee (PDF File, 106.9 KB)

Annual reports from the former tribunals

Children Services Tribunal Annual Report 2008-2009 (PDF File, 5.8 MB)
Commercial and Consumer Tribunal Annual Report 2008-09 (PDF File, 368.1 KB)

Jurisdictions not included in QCAT

A number of significant bodies that make civil or administrative decisions were not amalgamated into QCAT and not are not within QCAT jurisdiction:

  • the Mental Health Review Tribunal and the Mental Health Court
  • bodies making decisions about development or planning and environment issues including the Planning and Environment Court, the Land Court and the Building and Development Tribunals
  • industrial dispute bodies including the Industrial Court, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and the review functions of the Public Service Commission.