Tribunal recruitment

Expressions of Interest

Tribunal Appointments

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal is led by a President who is a Supreme Court Judge and a Deputy President who is a District Court Judge.

Senior Members, Ordinary Members (Permanent and Sessional) and Adjudicators decide matters before the Tribunal and are independent statutory appointments determined through a merits-based process. Senior Members are supported by an Associate to a Senior Member.

This recruitment page is dedicated to expressions of interest for the positions of Senior Members, Ordinary Members (Permanent and Sessional), Adjudicators and Associates to Senior Members.

From time-to-time, QCAT appoints acting ordinary members and adjudicators for a maximum of 6 months. You can also express your interest to be put into the pool of candidates for consideration when such appointments arise.

Further information about the positions of Senior Members, Ordinary Members (Permanent and Sessional) and Adjudicators,  and their relevant requirements are found in the QCAT Tribunal Recruitment Information Kit (PDF, 240.7 KB).

Further information about the position of Associate to a Senior Member, relevant requirements and how to apply are found here.

Submitting an expression of interest

If you are eligible for the position of Senior Member, Ordinary Member (Permanent and Sessional) and Adjudicator, you may submit an expression of interest at any time, whether or not a current vacancy exists.

In your expression of interest, identify the position(s) you wish to be considered for, and provide your resume, no longer than two pages, detailing:

  • your career history
  • academic qualifications (if applicable)
  • membership of professional / community bodies
  • publications written edited or contributed to in your professional capacity (if applicable)
  • experience on Boards and Tribunals (if applicable).

You must also provide a maximum two page statement addressing the selection criteria for appointment, set out on pages 9 and 10 of the QCAT Tribunal Recruitment Information Kit.

In addition, complete the following forms - found in this one document (PDF, 605.7 KB) - which are to be submitted with your resume and statement:

  • Form A – personal particulars
  • Form B – Consent to check national police records and advise a third party
  • Form C – Statutory appointments and public sector employment currently held
  • Form D – QCAT Tribunal Recruitment Application Form

Email all documents, preferably in one attachment (Word or PDF), to support your expression of interest to:

Expressions of interest can be lodged at any time during the year (commencing 1 July) and will automatically lapse on 30 June each year.

If you want to continue your expression of interest, you will need to re-apply each year.

If your details change in this time, email updated details to: