Administrative fees

Administrative fees for QCAT.

About our administrative fees

The following fees apply from 1 July 2023.

Our administrative fees are part of legislated tribunal operations as per ss229 and 230 of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009.

The fees listed below cover the registries’ time and expertise spent locating the requested file or searching our register, inspecting the file to ensure it is a complete record and to reduce parties’ risk associated with non-publication orders, making an inspection appointment and providing a room and expert advice on the day. If you have any questions about the fees, please contact us.

Searching the register of proceedings

Inspecting the register or the record for a proceeding, other than an inspection made by a party to a proceeding. The fee applies per search query provided. If a person is requesting a search of the register of proceedings for multiple names or entities, fees are calculated per name or entity requested. These fees also apply to tree searches.

No fee applies for retail shop lease searches.

For each hour or part of an hour $20.00
Maximum fee for a day $78.65

Additional fees for inspecting the register or the record for a proceeding (other than an inspection made by a party to the proceeding) if the register or record, or part of the register of record, must be retrieved from off-site storage, for each box retrieved.

1 box $42.75
2 boxes $47.65
3 or more boxes $53.10


Copy of part of the register, part of a record for a proceeding or produced documents or things, other than a plan or drawing, for each page.

Black and white copy
for less than 20 pages $2.30
for 20 to 50 pages $1.95
for more than 50 pages $1.40
Colour copy
A4 page $6.95
A3 page $7.35
Copy that is a plan or drawing, for each page
A3 page $5.90
A2 page $7.55
A1 page $9.65

Other fees

Fee for an application (under section 63(5) of the Act) for an order requiring a person who is not a party to a proceeding to produce a document or thing to the tribunal or a party, see Form 40 - Application for miscellaneous matters (PDF, 564.9 KB).$42.40
Fee for an application (under section 97(2) of the Act) for a notice requiring a person to attend at a stated hearing of a proceeding to give evidence or produce a stated document or other thing to the tribunal, see Form 38 - Hearing notices: application for notice requiring witness to attend a hearing or produce document/thing at a hearing (PDF, 539.3 KB).$42.40
For an officer of QCAT to accompany a record or document at a place outside of the registry of the tribunal, for each day or part of a day the officer is necessarily absent from the registry. $220.70 plus the officer's reasonable travel and other expenses