Search and copy services

Search and copy is an online tool to enable Queenslanders to apply to search or inspect QCAT records more efficiently, reducing turnaround times by 80%

The tool offers search automation for applications lodged in Brisbane.

Previously, clients contacted QCAT with their search terms, a staff member would conduct the search and then contact the client with the results.

The search process is now significantly more efficient as the new online form provides fields for clients to pinpoint their search parameters and help reduce internal processing time.

This is a vast improvement for our one-off and bulk users.

With this new service, you can:

  • make a request to search the register of proceedings or to inspect and copy a QCAT record
  • pay for the service online (see Administrative fees for more information)
  • if the result is nil, receive a result within 24 hours
  • if there is a record, receive your result in only 2-3 business days, an 80% improvement on previous timeframes
  • enter multiple requests at once and receive itemised billing.

These search and copy improvements are in response to clients’ expressed desire for greater online service capability and faster turnaround times.

This is the second phase of an extensive project to revise our search and copy service and a significant program of work to transform QCAT’s online services.

For more information, please contact us.