Renewal of QCAT's final decision

In some situations it may not be possible for the QCAT decision to be complied with. There may also be problems with interpreting, implementing or enforcing the decision. In this case, a party involved in the matter may apply to the tribunal for a renewal of the decision.

QCAT may make the same decision or another decision that could have been made when the proceeding was originally decided. That decision is then enforceable as a final decision of QCAT.

To apply for a renewal, the party must make the application for renewal within twenty-eight (28) days after one of the following:

  • if you have applied for reasons for the final decision, the day you are given the reasons; or
  • the day you are given notice of the final decision.

In the application for renewal you must include reasons why:

  • it is not possible for the tribunal’s final decision to be complied with; or
  • there are problems with interpreting, implementing or enforcing the tribunal’s final decision.

You may not apply for a renewal in relation to a final decision where an appeal or an application for leave to appeal for that matter has been filed, whether or not the appeal or application has been decided.

To apply for a renewal, please complete Form 43 - Application for reopening, correction, renewal or amendment (PDF, 230.6 KB).