Application for contempt, including non-compliance with decisions

A person may be in contempt of the tribunal if they do not comply with a non-monetary tribunal decision.

It is an offence to contravene a non-monetary decision of the tribunal without reasonable excuse and committing an offence under the QCAT Act may be contempt.

A monetary decision is a decision requiring a person to pay an amount of money to someone else.

A non-monetary decision is a decision that requires a person to do an act or to stop doing an act.

Both monetary and non-monetary decisions can be enforced, if necessary, through the civil enforcement procedures in the courts. Please see enforcement information.

QCAT does not recommend the use of contempt proceedings as a first step in enforcing QCAT decisions. Enforcement processes in the courts may be faster and more cost effective.

If there are special circumstances you may be able to apply to QCAT to renew the decision.

It is recommended potential applicants seek independent legal advice on available options before making a contempt application.