Form 56 - Application process - Leave to be represented

1. What you need to know

QCAT staff cannot provide legal advice.

All parties involved in a matter before QCAT must represent themselves. Whether you are represented or not you can still seek legal advice about your rights.

In some cases, a party is automatically able to be represented. QCAT will always agree to representation:

  • for a child or a person with impaired capacity, or
  • if the matter relates to disciplinary proceedings including a review of a disciplinary decision
  • if the enabling Act related to the matter allows it.

All other parties must apply to QCAT if they want to be represented. QCAT may agree to a party being represented if:

  • the party is a state agency
  • the proceeding is likely to involve complex questions of fact or law
  • another party is being represented
  • all of the parties have agreed to the party being legally represented.

You can either be represented by a solicitor or someone else who acts on your behalf, for example an advocate for a person with impaired capacity.

To apply for representation, you can complete and lodge an online application.   Completing this form online will save you time and you won't need to lodge a hard copy.

OR you can complete a Form 56 paper form.

2. Complete and lodge this form:

To apply you must complete and lodge:

Form 56 - Application for leave to be represented

The purpose of this form is to ask QCAT for permission to be represented in your matter.

PDF File (729.8 KB)
Apply Online

3. How to lodge your application
In person

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Floor 11, 259 Queen Street
Brisbane Qld 4000

or at any local Magistrates Court

Mail to

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
GPO Box 1639
Brisbane Qld 4001

4. What happens next?

Find out what happens after you apply.