Find out when the hearing will be held and when you will be notified of the date. Watch a QCAT video about what happens "At the hearing".

What happens at a guardianship hearing at QCAT?

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When is the hearing?

The length of time to wait for a hearing may be impacted by a range of factors such as the complexity of the particular case and the availability of a venue. The current average time to finalise an application in the guardianship and administration jurisdiction can be found on our timeframes page.

When will I be notified of the hearing date?

The QCAT registry usually sends a written “Notice of Hearing” approximately two to four weeks prior to the date of the hearing, to the active parties and other persons required to be notified.

The notice of hearing will tell you the time, date and place of the hearing. It will also give you other information about the hearing.

At this time, you will also receive an Attendance Advice form.  You must advise the QCAT registry about your attendance so the Tribunal knows who will be attending and how they wish to attend. Please provide this advice by email or alternatively one of the other options on the Attendance Advice form.  Participants in the hearing may attend by telephone or in person and sometimes by videoconference.

Will the Adult be notified of the hearing?

In most cases, the Adult (the person the application is about) must be given notice of the hearing. There are very limited circumstances in which a member of the tribunal may decide that notice not be given to the Adult.

Where will the hearing be held?

The hearing will usually be held at either the Tribunal’s hearing rooms on level 10, 259 Queen Street Brisbane or at a Magistrates Court or other appropriate venue located as close as possible to where the Adult resides. Hearings sometimes may be conducted by telephone or videoconference.

I am participating by telephone.  When will I receive the dial-in-details?

If you have advised the QCAT Registry you will participate in the hearing by telephone, a registry officer will contact you via telephone or email prior to the hearing.