Respond to an application

Find out what to do when you are notified by QCAT about an application lodged by someone else, in the Guardianship jurisdiction.

Why did QCAT notify me about an application?

QCAT writes to certain people to inform them of the application and seek their views.

The QCAT registry will send a copy of the application to "the Adult" (the person the application is about). Only in very limited circumstances may the Tribunal decide not to do this.

The QCAT registry will give written notice of the application to certain people involved in the Adult’s life, such as family members, carers and others who are active parties to the particular proceeding, including the Public Guardian and the Public Trustee of Queensland.

Those processes are important because when the Tribunal member makes a decision about the application, the member must, to the extent they can:

  • take into account the Adult’s views, wishes and preferences,
  • consult with those in a supportive relationship with the Adult,
  • ensure they have all the relevant information and material to hear and decide the application.

The Tribunal may request a person who has control of relevant information to provide it to the Tribunal.

How do I respond?

If QCAT requests your feedback on an application, or particular information from you, please provide your response in writing.  The email address will be in the correspondence you have received from QCAT.

QCAT Registry staff are not involved in the decision-making of the Tribunal.  The Tribunal Member will decide the application.  If you ring the QCAT Registry, the staff will ask you to put your response in writing.

What if I want the Tribunal to do something?

If you want the Tribunal to make a decision about something, you must ask the Tribunal to do so by completing and lodging the appropriate application form.

What if I disagree with the application?

It may be that you receive notice of an application and you disagree with the decision being sought by the applicant.  If you want the Tribunal to consider something different, you must ask the Tribunal to do so by completing and lodging the appropriate application form.

The Tribunal may hear and determine multiple applications about the same Adult at the same time.

Who can see the documents provided to the Tribunal?

The Tribunal Member who makes the decision will be given the documents.

Active parties must be given a reasonable opportunity to present their case to the Tribunal.  This includes being entitled to access relevant documents.  Access to the relevant documents is provided to active parties by way of inspection.