1. What you need to know

If you want to withdraw your application, you need to seek leave (permission) from the Tribunal by completing and lodging this application.  You must clearly state your reasons and you may need to provide supporting information.   Please note, the Tribunal may not approve the withdrawal and the matter may proceed to hearing.

2. Complete and lodge this form:

To apply you must complete and lodge:

Form 58 - Application for leave to withdraw an application or referral / Notice of withdrawal of application or referral

PDF File (472.6 KB)
Apply Online

3. How to lodge your application

In person

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Floor 11, 259 Queen Street
Brisbane Qld 4000

or at any local Magistrates Court

Mail to

Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
GPO Box 1639
Brisbane Qld 4001

4. What happens next?

Find out what happens after you apply.