Minor civil disputes

Queensland Civil and Administration Tribunal can assist you to resolve minor civil disputes.

Minor civil disputes

What is a minor civil dispute?

Minor civil disputes include the following disputes where the amount claimed is up to and including $25,000 (excluding interest):

  • claims to recover debts or liquidated demands of money, with or without interest
  • claims arising out of a contract between a consumer and trader, or between two or more traders, for payment of money, for relief from payment of money, for performance of work to rectify a defect in goods supplied or services provided, or for return of goods
  • claims for damage to property (including damage to a house or a car) caused by, or arising out of the use of, a vehicle
  • disputes between neighbours about a dividing fence

Minor civil disputes also include the following disputes:

  • residential tenancy disputes between tenants and landlords, or, in limited circumstances, between co-tenants about apportionment of rental bonds

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