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Lodging your application and forms

Legal advice

As part of an independent tribunal, QCAT staff are unable to provide legal advice. This includes advice on whether you are applying in the right jurisdiction or your chances of success.

Fees and costs

The applicant may have to pay a fee to apply to QCAT. If you have difficulty in paying the application or appeal fee, you may apply to QCAT for the fee to be waived. An application to waive the fee will only be approved in special circumstances.

Preparing your application

Some jurisdictions have application checklists available to help you check you have all the information you need to make your application.

When preparing your application or any other forms remember to:

  • read the instructions carefully
  • answer all relevant questions and provide as much information as possible
  • include the contact details of all parties
  • provide all pages of the form
  • provide any supporting documents in their original format or as copies which have been witnessed by a justice of the peace, commissioner of declarations or a solicitor (where required)
  • sign and date the form
  • provide the required number of copies to QCAT with a stamped self-addressed A4 envelope
  • pay the correct fee (if applicable).

If more than one copy of your form must be lodged or your form and attachments is more than 30 pages, you may only lodge the application in person or by mail.

The table below outlines your options for lodging your application or form depending on the type of matter your form your application or form relates to.

Matter type Lodgement options
Minor civil disputes

Lodge an application:

Lodge an application:

All other matter types that require payment.

Lodge an application:

In person

Level 9
Bank of Queensland Building
259 Queen Street
Brisbane QLD 4000, or at any Magistrates Court (excluding Brisbane).

By mail

GPO Box 1639
Brisbane 4001

Email address
All applications and forms must be signed, scanned and then emailed.

Payment of fees

If you are lodging an application or form by mail and you are required to pay a fee, please enclose a cheque or money order made payable to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General or a completed credit card payment authorisation (PDF, 183.8 KB) form.

For security reasons, the credit card payment authorisation form will only be accepted by post. This form MUST NOT be sent via email and will not be accepted via email or facsimile.

Cash payments will be accepted when an application or form is lodged in person at QCAT or a Magistrates Court (excluding Brisbane).

Last reviewed
1 April 2016
Last updated
24 May 2016

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