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Enforcing a QCAT decision

At the end of a proceeding the tribunal makes a final decision. These decisions usually require one or all parties to do something to comply with the decision, or to stop acting in a particular way.

Decisions made by the tribunal must be followed and are enforceable as if they were made by a court. The tribunal's role does not however extend to enforcing the decision. The party whose favour the decision has been made in, is responsible for enforcing it. You can contact your local Magistrates Court for more information on enforcing a QCAT decision. Registry staff cannot give legal advice but can give general information about the enforcement process.

When a party is unable to comply with the tribunal's decision it may be possible for a party involved in the proceedings to apply for a renewal of QCAT's final decision.

A party involved in the proceedings may also apply for the decision to be enforced for:

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9 November 2011
Last updated
18 July 2013

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