Case number—a reference number that may also be called a claim or file number. For example, MCDT001/15, MCDO001/15, BDL001/15, NDR001/15, or GAR001/15.

Party—the person(s) or entity(s) named in the application.

Applicant—the person who has lodged the application the dispute is about.

Respondent—the other party the application is about.

Location—this is also called a Registry, as shown on the initial application.

Lodged—also referred to as filed, is when a document is given to the tribunal and it is sealed and accepted.

Sealed copy—a copy of an application or other document filed with QCAT that has been stamped by QCAT staff with the official seal.

Serve/serving (documents)—delivery of legal documents officially notifying the intended receiver that a legal action or proceeding involving them has been started.

Practice direction—a guideline which provides more information about a Tribunal process.

Trader—a person who in trade or commerce is in the business of supplying goods or services. For the purposes of a minor civil dispute, this does not include some professionals such as dentists, lawyers, valuers, etc.