Change your contact details

If you are involved in a matter or have an application before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), and you or your company have changed your contact details, you can use this form to let us know.

  1. QCAT application details
    1. Are you applying to change the contact details for a company? *
    2. What is the name listed on the QCAT application? * (If you chose ‘No’ above)
  2. Details to be updated
    1. Are you updating the details of the person representing you? *
    2. Representative's name (If you chose ‘Yes’ above)
    3. Please select which details you wish to update * Select all that apply
    4. Address (If you chose ‘Address’ above)
      1. Previous address As listed on the application
      2. New address
    5. Phone number (If you chose ‘Phone number’ above)
      1. Which phone number/s do you want to update? * Select all that apply
      2. Home number (If you chose ‘Home’ above)
      3. Work number (If you chose ‘Work’ above)
      4. Mobile number (If you chose ‘Mobile’ above)
    6. Email address (If you chose ‘Email address’ above)
      1. Previous email address (as listed on the application)
      2. New email address