Body corporate and community management scheme disputes

Body corporate arrangements exist to provide flexible and contemporary communal living, by balancing the rights of the individuals with the management arrangements.

QCAT hears the following disputes related to body corporate and community management issues:

  • lot entitlement adjustments
  • complex matters, including:
    • disputes arising from a review of a service contractor
    • the transfer of the letting agent’s management rights
    • disputes regarding the authorisation of the letting agent
    • a claimed or anticipated contractual matter about the body corporate manager or caretaking service contractor
    • exclusive use by-law disputes.

Appealing a Body Corporate and Community Management adjudicator’s decision

Adjudicators may be involved in resolving body corporate and community management disputes. If a party is dissatisfied with an order made by the adjudicator, they can apply to QCAT to appeal this order. An appeal must be started within 6 weeks after a copy of the order is received. QCAT is only able to hear appeals of body corporate and community management disputes on a question of law and may apply a stay, or temporary stop, on an adjudicator’s decision.