Appointed administrator - about your role

If QCAT has appointed you as an administrator to make decisions about all or some financial matters for an adult, the following information will help you understand your role.


The principle Act which governs your role as an administrator is the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000. The main sections of this Act you need to be aware of are detailed in key responsibilities under the Act.

Other Acts which are referred to in the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 or support requirements of this Act are:

  • Penalties and Sentences Act 1992
  • Trusts Act 1973
  • Trust Accounts Act 1973.

Copies of the relevant Acts are available from the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel.


To ensure the adult’s income and assets are being managed in their best interests, QCAT requires information about the actions you have taken since your appointment and those you intend to take in the future. You may need to lodge:

  • notice of interest in land
  • financial management plan
  • account of administration.

Notice of interest in land

If the adult owns real estate, your appointment as an administrator must be registered with the Registrar of Titles.

To do this you must complete a Titles Registry general request form and lodge this with a copy of the QCAT decision appointing you as administrator. Instructions are available on completing the form.

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Financial management plan

You may have provided QCAT with a financial management plan when you applied to become the adult's administrator.

However, in certain circumstances QCAT may require submission of another financial management plan for appointed administrators - Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 (PDF, 612.4 KB) after your appointment. This plan should contain an update of information not initially available to you and should be completed as soon as you have the necessary information and submitted according to the timeframe specified in the order.

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Account by administrator

An account of your administration is usually due to be lodged annually as instructed in the QCAT decision. The accounts provide a summary of income and expenditure for the year as well as all current assets and liabilities. It is up to you to lodge your accounts by the due date. You will not be sent a reminder.

QCAT’s Account by Administrator (ABA) form (PDF, 381.1 KB) must be completed unless an exemption has been granted.

The tribunal may exempt you from providing all (full exemption) or some (partial exemption) information in certain circumstances. Please refer to the QCAT decision for details on what information is required.

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Descriptions of QCAT's jurisdiction on this website are general information only. They do not definitively describe the types of applications on which QCAT can make decisions. The relevant legislation determines QCAT's jurisdiction. If you are unsure about your legal rights, you should seek legal advice. Your individual circumstances should guide any actions taken to resolve your dispute.