Application for decision order by consent

QCAT is able to review a decision from the Weapons Licensing Unit of the Queensland Police Service.

1. Before you apply to QCAT

Use the below form to request QCAT to make decisions or orders by consent of the parties.

If you wish to make a request to QCAT where all parties consent to the request you are making you can use this form. This may include such things as changing the timeline for filing material, asking to make specific directions in your case or final orders to settle the dispute between the parties.

Please be aware that making this application by consent does not automatically mean QCAT will approve the requests because it has been made by consent. Like other interlocutory applications QCAT will consider the request and make a decision.

The main purpose of using this form is that it reduces the time needed to be taken to seek responses from the other parties due to the application being made by consent.

Before applying you must ensure the request you are making is clear and concise. You must provide sufficient reasons and supporting material (if required) as to why the request should be made.

2. What else do I need to do make this application?

When you make an application for decision/order by consent you must ensure that all parties involved in the matter consent to the request you are making. To do this each party must sign the relevant section in the application form. If the application is not signed by all parties then the application will not be considered to be made by consent by QCAT.

3. Complete and lodge this form

To make an application for decision/order by consent you can lodge the appropriate application form below. Carefully read the form instructions, answer each question and tick an appropriate box when prompted.

There is no prescribed fee to make this application.

Application for decision order by consent

The purpose of this form is to ask QCAT to make decisions/orders by consent.

PDF File (457.4 KB)

4. How to lodge your application

When filing the application, you are required to file the application and supporting material along with three copy in one of the following ways:


For minor civil disputes including a residential tenancy, minor debt, consumer/trader or dividing fence dispute click here for lodgement details.



5. Giving your application to the other parties

At the time of filing your application at QCAT, you should also immediately give a copy of the application to the other parties.

You must provide evidence to QCAT that you have given the other parties your application. For example, if you email the application to QCAT ensure you copy the other parties into the email so QCAT can identify you have served all parties.

If your matter relates to certain matter types you do not need to give a copy of the application to the other parties in those cases. QCAT will provide the other parties with a copy. The matters include those made under the following laws:

  • Adoption of Children Act 1964
  • Child Protection Act 1999
  • Disability Services Act 2006, section 178(9)
  • Education and Care Services Act 2013
  • Education and Care Services National Law (Queensland)
  • Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000

6. What happens next?

After you have submitted your application request, QCAT will then consider the application and decide whether to grant your request.

Once a decision has been made by QCAT, the registry will email or post you a copy of the consent directions or consent decision with the outcome.