QCase is now available across Queensland

QCAT has an online portal called QCase to securely file, view, manage and respond to minor civil dispute cases across Queensland.

QCase is available for use by individuals, legal firms and other organisations. Visit our QCase page for more information.

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Help and FAQs

When using QCAT forms, please read the information about your matter type including the application process before selecting a form and making an application.

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Some of QCAT's matters involve fees. Please see all matters by type and legislation below for detailed fee and appeal fee information.

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For information about how to pay fees, visit lodging your application.

Our daily proceeding list contains parties’ names (unless they are withheld), case numbers, proceeding types, times and locations.

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Some jurisdictions have application checklists available to help you check you have all the information you need to make your application.

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When you file a document or application at QCAT you are also required to ‘serve’ documents to a person or business (such as a copy of an application you have made about them).

When an application is filed, QCAT will return copies of your application and/or documents stamped with the QCAT seal (official stamp). You must then deliver (serve) a copy of the stamped documents to the other person or business.

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How can I find out about a matter (case) at QCAT?

Requests may be made to search or view QCAT’s:

  • register of proceedings (list of cases before QCAT)
  • record of proceedings (QCAT case files).

If you are not directly involved in the case (a non-party), a fee will apply.

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QCAT staff cannot provide legal advice (see right hand side bar for more information).

All parties involved in a matter before QCAT must represent themselves. Whether you are represented or not you can still seek legal advice about your rights.

In some cases, a party is automatically able to be represented. QCAT will always agree to representation:

  • for a child or a person with impaired capacity, or
  • if the matter relates to disciplinary proceedings including a review of a disciplinary decision
  • if the enabling Act related to the matter allows it.

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All QCAT decisions are listed on the website of the Supreme Court Library Queensland.

Your feedback is welcomed and valuable. Whether you are making a suggestion, give a compliment or making a complaint, your feedback is key to improving our services.

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