Taxation assessment

Under the Taxation Administration Act 2001 decisions objecting to a taxation assessment.

Timber utilisation and marketing

Under the Timber Utilisation and Marketing Act 1987 and the Timber Utilisation and Marketing Regulation 1998 decisions about the timber industry.

Tow trucks

Under the Tow Truck Act 1973 decisions about the regulation of the tow truck industry including licensing matters, driver’s certificate matters and an assistant’s certificate matters.

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Trade measurements

Under the Trade Measurement Act 1990 decisions about the regulation of trade measurements including an individual’s licence or cancelling a public weighbridge licence.

Training course or organisation

Under the Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act 2000 decisions about the regulation of certain training courses or organisations including the registration of training organisations, accreditation of courses, recognition of group training organisations and employment exemptions for a young person in the compulsory participation phase.

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Transitional Fatigue Management Scheme

Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management-Fatigue Management) Regulation 1998 decisions about the Transitional Fatigue Management Scheme including driver participant registrations or exemptions.

Transport infrastructure

Under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 decisions about transport infrastructure including a port authority’s decisions and decisions about road works, state controlled roads, signage, fencing, ancillary work, encroachments, land, limited access roads, right of access over a railway line, removing works, accreditation, conditions, safety management system, costs and compensation.

Travel agents

Under the Travel Agents Act 1988 decisions regulating the travel agent industry including trustee decisions under compensation schemes.

QCAT also reviews a range of decisions related to the regulation of travel agents.

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