QCAT reviews a wide range of decisions under the Racing Integrity Act 2016 and the Racing Act 2002 including:

  • a control body’s decision relating to licensing for the racing industry including animals, clubs, participants in control body’s code of racing, race meeting venues, disciplinary actions relating to a licence, taking exclusion actions against a person and imposing monetary penalties on a person
  • a decision of an appeal committee made in relation to appeals against a monetary penalty imposed by or other decision of a steward
    imposing a monetary penalty by stewards of a control body (or other decision of stewards) if there is no right of appeal to an appeal committee against the decision
  • other decisions of a control body prescribed under a regulation
  • decisions by Government to refuse or cancel an eligibility certificate for people entitled to apply to a control body for a racing bookmaker’s licence
    decisions to censure a person who has an eligibility certificate.

QCAT cannot review decisions related to:

  • the eligibility of an animal to race or the conditions under which an animal can race
  • cancelling or suspending the licence for an animal, unless the cancellation or suspension relating to that licence relates to disciplinary action of a licence holder
  • cancelling or suspending the licence for an animal, if an exclusion action under the control body’s rules of racing is made against a person
  • a protest or objection against placed animals relating to an incident that happened during a race or trial
  • a decision imposing a penalty of not more than $250
  • a decision relating to a dispute between a racing bookmaker licenced by a control body and a person who placed a bet with the bookmaker for a race at a race meeting held under the control of the control body
  • stopping, restarting, rerunning, postponing or abandoning a race.

The rules and regulations relating to each code of racing (thoroughbred, harness, greyhound) can be found on the Racing Queensland website.

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Radiation safety

Under the Radiation Safety Act 1999 decisions about the regulation of radiation practices including radiation safety and protection plans for a radiation practice.

Recreation area

Under the Recreation Areas Management Act 2006 decisions about the regulation of recreation areas including commercial activity and group activity permits.

Residential services

Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 decisions about the regulation of residential services.

QCAT also decides residential tenancy disputes between tenants, landlords and agents and between residents, providers and agents in rooming accommodation.

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Retirement villages

Under the Retirement Villages Act 1999 decisions about the regulation of retirement villages.

QCAT also decides a range of disputes related to retirement villages.

Right to information

Under the Right to Information Act 2009 decisions about access to information in the government’s possession or control. The Right to information and privacy jurisdictions of QCAT factsheet (PDF, 163.5 KB) is now available.

Road use management

Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 decisions about the regulation of the use of roads including compliance schemes, approvals, embargo notices, authorities, exemptions, improvement notices and dangerous situation notices.

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