Under the Casino Control Act 1982 decisions about the regulation of casinos.

Charitable and non-profit gaming

Under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 decisions about the regulation of charitable and non-profit gaming including licence matters, appointing an administrator to conduct a general licensee’s operations under a general licence, regulated general gaming equipment and decisions ordering forfeiture to the State.

Gaming machines

Under the Gaming Machine Act 1991 decisions about the regulation of gaming machines including:

  • determining allocation disputes between parties and matters relating or relevant to hearing and deciding the dispute
  • the maximum number of machines operable at sites
  • approved gaming hours
  • operating authorities
  • gaming premises
  • licence matters for gaming nominees, gaming employees, repairers, service contractors, suppliers and key monitoring employees
  • licence matters for gaming machines
  • gaming related systems
  • linked jackpot arrangements
  • the rejection of a gaming machine type or game
  • the disclosure of confidential other information
  • appeals by former listed persons or persons taken to be licenced dealers
  • a decision made under an appeal provision or the appeal has not been decided before the commencement
  • such other conditions as the commission may impose in the public interest or for the proper conduct of gaming.

Interactive gambling

Under the Interactive Gambling (Player Protection) Act 1998 and the Interactive Gambling (Player Protection) Regulation 1998 decisions about the regulation of interactive gambling including:

  • terminating an agency agreement
  • regulated interactive gambling equipment
  • exclusion directions
  • key person licence matters.


Under the Keno Act 1996 decisions about the regulation of keno gaming including terminating an agency agreement, terminating a subagent’s appointment, regulated keno equipment, licensing matters and exclusion directions.


Under the Lotteries Act 1997 decisions about the regulation of lotteries including agency agreements, regulated lottery equipment and key person licensing matters.


Under the Wagering Act 1998 decisions related to the regulation of wagering including wagering equipment, terminating an agency agreement, key person licensing matters and exclusion directions.

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Gas supply

Under the Gas Supply Act 2003 decisions about the regulation of gas supply in Queensland.

Gold Coast waterways

Under the Transport Infrastructure (Gold Coast Waterways) Management Plan 2000 decisions about the Gold Coast waterways management plan.

Guide, Hearing and Assistance dogs

Under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009 decisions about approved trainers and training institutions for guide, hearing and assistance dogs and handler identity cards for people with a disability who use guide, hearing and assistance dogs.

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