Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 decisions about prohibiting a person from entering a school’s premises, extra semesters, exclusion of a student and removing a nominated person.

Under the Education (Queensland Studies Authority) Regulation 2002 decisions about accreditation of syllabus or guideline, eligibility to take external examinations and core skills test, levels of achievement in examinations, grading tests, completion of contributing studies, determining qualification equivalency and recognising non-Queensland studies.

Education provider

Under the Education (Overseas Students) Act 1996 decisions about the registration of a provider of courses for overseas students or a failure, including a refusal, to give a direction, make an order or do an action.


Under the Electricity Act 1994 decisions about the disconnection of supply, refusal to reconnect supply, requirement to remove works built in contravention of the Act and decisions made by the Queensland Competition Authority or the regulator.

Under the Electricity Regulation 2006 decisions about removing an electric line, prescribed electrical equipment, energy efficiency labels and dispute resolution decisions from the Queensland Competition Authority.

Exotic diseases

Under the Exotic Diseases in Animals Act 1981 decisions about the value for compensation for animals or property destroyed when an outbreak of an exotic disease has been declared.


Under the Explosives Act 1999 and the Explosives Regulation 2003 decisions about regulating the management of explosives.