Body corporate and community management scheme information

Frequently asked questions related to the Body corporate and community management scheme.

What should I do as an individual unit owner if the body corporate or body corporate manager sends me a copy of an application filed by another unit owner, seeking to adjust our lot entitlement?

As an individual unit owner you do not have to do anything. The body corporate or body corporate manager is responsible for filing a response and you are not entitled to make submissions in relation to the application. If you have any queries regarding the application you should discuss these directly with the body corporate or body corporate manager.

What should I do, as an individual unit owner, if I consider that the body corporate is not able to best represent my legal position?

You should first discuss any concern you have with the body corporate. If you feel that they are still unable to best represent your legal position you should seek legal advice.

How long after a contribution lot entitlement schedule has been adjusted by QCAT, must the body corporate lodge a new community management statement?

The body corporate must as quickly as practicable, lodge a request to record a new community management statement which reflects the adjustment order.

When does the adjusted contribution lot entitlement schedule take effect?

The Community Management Statement takes effect under the Land Title Act 1994 when it is registered.

When filing an application for a lot entitlement adjustment, why do I have to attach a title search and where can I obtain this?

You need to attach the title search as proof that you own your lot.  The title can be obtained from the Department of Environment and Resource Management.