Disciplinary proceedings

QCAT conducts disciplinary proceedings against valuers after the complaint has been investigated and referred by the Valuers Registration Board (board). Only the board can apply to commence disciplinary proceedings against a valuer in QCAT.

If QCAT finds that grounds for discipline are established the tribunal may:

  • warn or reprimand the valuer
  • order the valuer to give an undertaking to stop a specified conduct
  • suspend the valuer’s registration for up to 12 months
  • cancel the valuer’s registration
  • if the valuer’s registration is cancelled, remove their name and other particulars from the register and publish notice of the removal in a state-wide newspaper and on the board’s website
  • require the valuer to pay a penalty to the board
  • require the valuer to pay to the board costs related to the proceeding, including costs of the investigation that led to the proceeding
  • require that if the valuer does not pay a penalty or costs to the board within a stated time, their registration be suspended for a stated period of time or cancelled
  • publish in the newspaper or on a website notice of certain action taken against the valuer.

Review of the board’s decision

QCAT is able to review registration and disciplinary decisions made by the board including decisions:

  • refusing an application for a valuer’s registration
  • refusing to restore a valuer’s name and other particulars to the register
  • relating to a warning, reprimand or other order of the board against the valuer
  • refusing a valuer’s application to be recorded as a specialist retail valuer
  • removing a valuer’s name from the list of specialist retail valuers
  • cancelling a valuer's registration.

Apply for a review of the board’s decision.