Tour operators

Disciplinary proceedings

QCAT conducts disciplinary proceedings against registrants, inbound tour operators and tour guides (tour operators) after the complaint has been investigated and referred by the Commissioner for Fair Trading (the Commissioner). Only the Commissioner can apply to commence disciplinary proceedings against tour operators in QCAT.

If QCAT finds that grounds for discipline are established the tribunal may:

  • issue a reprimand to the tour operator
  • require the tour operator to pay a penalty to the Commissioner
  • impose, amend or revoke the conditions of the tour operator’s registration
  • suspend the tour operator’s registration for a stated time
  • cancel the tour operator’s registration
  • order the tour operator to pay a penalty to a person who has suffered financial loss
  • issue another order to ensure a further disciplinary ground by the tour operator does not happen.

Review of the Commissioner’s or inspector's decision

QCAT is able to review decisions made by the Commissioner against a tour operator including decisions:

  • imposing a condition on a tour operator’s registration
  • suspending a tour operator’s registration
  • cancelling a tour operator’s registration
  • refusing to replace a tour operator’s registration certificate
  • refusing to grant registration for an application for a tour operator’s registration.

QCAT can also review decisions made by an inspector related to forfeiting a thing to the State.

Apply for a review of the Commissioner’s or inspector's decision.