Tattooists and tattoo business operators

The Tattoo Industry Act 2013 sets up an occupational licensing and regulatory framework for the Queensland tattoo industry.

Review of the Chief Executive’s decision

From 6 January 2014, QCAT has jurisdiction to review certain decisions of the chief executive in connection with licences and permits made under the Tattoo Industry Act 2013 including those related to:

  • refusing to grant a licence or permit
  • suspending a licence
  • cancelling a licence
  • imposing conditions on a licence or permit
  • revoking, or varying a condition, on a permit.

Apply for a review of the chief executive's decision.

For more information, please:

  • see the Tattoo Industry Act 2013 and Tattoo Industry Regulation 2013
  • call QCAT on 1300 753 228.