Nurses and midwives

QCAT conducts disciplinary proceedings against nurses, midwives or other persons authorised to practice nursing (nurses and midwives) after the complaint has been investigated and referred by the Queensland Nursing Council.

Disciplinary proceedings

QCAT conducts disciplinary proceedings against nurses (including those qualified as midwives) after the Office of the Health Ombudsman or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) have investigated the complaint. Only they can apply to commence disciplinary proceedings against nurses in QCAT.

If QCAT finds that grounds for discipline are established the tribunal may:

  • order that no action be taken against a nurse
  • issue a caution or reprimand to a nurse
  • impose conditions (including limited registration or enrolment) under which a nurse may continue to practise
  • suspend a nurse's registration or enrolment
  • suspend a nurse's authorisation to practise nursing or midwifery
  • cancel a nurse's registration, enrolment or the authorisation to practise nursing or midwifery and set conditions under which the nurse may re-apply for registration, enrolment or to be authorised
  • require a nurse to pay a fine.

Review of the Health Ombudsman’s or AHPRA’s decisions

QCAT can review the following:

  • refusal of a person’s application to be registered as a registered nurse, enrolled as an enrolled nurse, to be authorised as a midwife or to be otherwise authorised to practise nursing
  • granting limited registration or enrolment
  • reviewof limited registration or enrolment
  • nursing course accreditation conditions
  • cancellation or suspension of a nurse's registration or enrolment
  • costs payment determinations
  • refusal to renew a nurse's annual licence certificate
  • refusal to accredit a nursing course
  • refusal to vary an accredited nursing course
  • refusal to renew the accreditation of an accredited nursing course
  • accreditation cancellation of an accredited nursing course.

Apply for a decision review.