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Disciplinary proceedings

QCAT conducts disciplinary proceedings against architects after the complaint has been investigated and referred by the Board of Architects (board). Only the board can apply to commence disciplinary proceedings against an architect in QCAT.

If QCAT finds that grounds for discipline are established the tribunal may:

  • take no further action against the architect
  • issue a reprimand to the architect
  • require the architect to pay a fine
  • cancel the architect’s registration
  • disqualify the architect for a stated period of time or permanently from obtaining registration as an architect.

Review of the board’s decision

QCAT is able to review decisions made by the board including decisions:

  • not taking any further action about the complaint
  • cautioning or reprimanding an architect
  • refusing an application for an architect’s registration
  • refusing an application for the renewal or restoration of an architect’s registration
  • not accepting an application for renewal or restoration of an architect’s registration
  • cancelling an architect’s registration.

Apply for a review of the board's decision.

Descriptions of QCAT's jurisdiction on this website are general information only. They do not definitively describe the types of applications on which QCAT can make decisions. The relevant legislation determines QCAT's jurisdiction. If you are unsure about your legal rights, you should seek legal advice. Your individual circumstances should guide any actions taken to resolve your dispute.

If you are seeking a review of an authority's decision, generally you must apply within 28 days of the decision being made. There are exceptions to this rule - check your information notice about the specific time limit in your case.

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9 November 2011
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27 March 2012

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