Application process - minor civil disputes

Application process for lodging minor civil disputes with QCAT.

To make an application in relation to a minor civil dispute, please complete and lodge the relevant form.

Consumer and trader dispute

See consumer and trader application process.

Dividing fences dispute

See dividing fences application process.

Minor debt dispute

See minor debt application process.

Property damage dispute

See property damage disputes.

Residential tenancy dispute

See residential tenancy dispute application process.

Counter-application (excluding minor debt applications)

Use this form to lodge a counter-application about a minor civil dispute application made to QCAT. This excludes minor debt applications (see information below).

Form 8 - Minor civil dispute - counter application (PDF, 590.3 KB)

Response to a minor debt application

Use this form to lodge a response about a minor civil dispute – minor debt application.

Form 7 - Response to minor civil dispute - minor debt (PDF, 494.8 KB)

What happens next?

Once your application and forms have been filed, QCAT will list your matter for mediation or hearing depending on the claim about.