Decision by default

Minor debt disputes

Once a minor debt application has been served, the other party has 28 days to file a response using Form 7 - Response to minor civil dispute – minor debt (PDF, 415.8 KB) 
If the other party fails to lodge a response within 28 days of being served with the application, you can apply to QCAT to make a decision by default using Form 6 - Request for decision by default – minor civil dispute – minor debt (PDF, 340.0 KB).

A decision by default means a decision on your case will be made by QCAT from the paperwork received. You will not be required to attend mediation or a hearing.

What if a default decision has been made about me? 

You can apply to have the decision set aside using Form 55 - Application to set aside or amend a default decision.

The tribunal will review the request and all parties will be advised of the outcome.

Building disputes


If the respondent does not file a response to an application within 14 days of service of the application, the applicant can apply for a decision by default for unliquidated damages. 

You will need to provide the basis of your calculations for unliquidated damages and complete and file a Form 50 - Request for decision by default - unliquidated damages (PDF, 356.5 KB) - refer to Practice Direction 2010/9 Directions for decisions by default - unliquidated damages. (PDF, 127.1 KB).