Domestic and commercial building disputes

Deatils of domestic and commercial building disputes heard by QCAT.

Before you make an application

Parties are required to participate in a dispute resolution process with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) before making a commercial or domestic building dispute application to QCAT.

A letter from the QBCC advising of the outcome of this process must be provided when commencing a QCAT application. Failure to participate in a QBCC dispute resolution process before filing an application for a building dispute may result in the dismissal of the application.

A consumer, contractor, subcontractor or building industry professional may have a complaint related to domestic or commercial building work including:

  • an unpaid debt
  • the performance of the work
  • a contract for the work
  • a claim of negligence, nuisance or trespass other than a claim for personal injuries.

The dispute may be between:

  • a building owner and a building contractor
  • two or more building contractors
  • a building owner or a building contractor, and any of the following:
    • architects
    • engineers
    • surveyors
    • quantity surveyors
    • electricians or electrical contractors
    • suppliers and manufacturers of materials used in the building work.

For QCAT to hear the dispute it must be about:

  • the erection or construction of a building
  • the renovation, alteration, extension, improvement or repair of a building
  • the provision of electrical work, water supply, sewerage or drainage or other like services for a building
  • the demolition, removal or location of a building
  • any site work including the construction of a swimming pool, retaining structures, driveways or landscaping but only if associated with the erection, construction or renovation of a house or building
  • the preparation of plans and specifications, or bills of quantity related to the building work
  • the inspection of a completed building
  • work prescribed under a regulation.