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Published decisions and reasons

Why does QCAT publish decisions and reasons for decisions?

QCAT publishes decisions and written reasons for decisions online via the Supreme Court of Queensland Library.  

The publication of reasons for decisions: 

  • provides a way for the community to understand tribunal decisions
  • promotes the quality and consistency of tribunal decisions
  • enhances the openness and accountability of public administration
  • is in the interests of open justice.

When does QCAT publish reasons?

Generally where written reasons for decision are available, the tribunal will publish the reasons for decision in full. Reasons are generally not published online until they have been provided to the parties involved.

If information in the reasons is subject to a non-publication order or publication is prevented by a legislative requirement (e.g. the identity of adults in guardianship matters) reasons are published in a de-identified manner or in a way that protects the relevant information.

Why are some decisions not published online?

In many matters, oral reasons are given at the conclusion of the hearing when the decision is delivered (especially for minor civil disputes). As there are no written reasons, reasons for these matters are generally not published online.

Only the full reasons for decision are published online, orders made by the tribunal which are decisions only are not published. 

Where are the decisions published?

Decisions are published online by the Supreme Court of Queensland Library and by the Australasian Legal Information Institute.

Orders made under the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011 are published in the tree order register. Any available decisions and reasons for decisions associated with these orders will be published via the Supreme Court of Queensland Library.

Some decisions made by former tribunals (prior to December 2009) are also available via these websites.

Last reviewed
7 October 2016
Last updated
7 October 2016

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