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QCAT and the Queensland Ombudsman

The Queensland Ombudsman’s Office (Ombudsman) is an independent complaints agency.

Two key roles of the Ombudsman are to:

  • provide a fair and effective investigative service for people who believe they have been adversely affected by a decision or action of a public sector agency, and
  • assist public sector agencies to improve the quality of their decision making and administrative practices.

A member of the public may apply to both QCAT and the Ombudsman to help resolve a complaint. The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009 permits QCAT to refer applications or referrals relating to administrative actions to the Ombudsman if they would be more appropriately dealt with by the Ombudsman. Similarly, the Ombudsman can refer complaints to QCAT if they would be more appropriately dealt with by QCAT.

Arrangements have been made to facilitate the transfer of matters between QCAT and the Ombudsman in appropriate cases.

Last reviewed
9 November 2011
Last updated
27 March 2012

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